16 Jan 2015
Pathway to Justice ......Legal support for IDPs and returned refugees

Pathway to Justice Legal support for IDPs and returned refugees Al Msalla ORG. for Human Resource Development in cooperation with Heartland Alliance started implementing project "Pathway to Justice" to provide legal services for IDPs and returned refugees in each of " Erbil province, Sulimanya, Kalar District and Xanaqeen district in Dyala" through five lawyers " 2 in Erbil + 1 in Sulimanya + 1 in Kalar + 1 in Xanaqeen" providing following legal services: 1-Legal representatives 2- Legal consultants 3- Legal Awareness The program manager in Al Mesalla mentioned that "the program provide legal services for IDPs and returned refugees in Erbil, Sulimanya, Kalar and Dyala(Xanaqeen) through five lawyers in cooperation with Heartland Alliance so far provided legal service for more than 150 IDPs and the work continue for one year. One of the lawyers in the project spoke about the type of the legal service that provide to IDPs and returned refugees without any discrimination and equally for women, men and youths and all of them have the following issues: - Obtain personal ID (Iraqi citizenship, Ration card, personal ID…etc.) - Obtain birth and death certificates - Proof, registration of marriage and divorce - Legal representatives for the divorce, alimony, in heritage cases and personal ID problems. - Help to get government services - Property problems - Legal support for the GBV and trafficking issues - General legal services (the right of work, marriage problems out-side court…etc. The program manager added as well " we are visiting IDPs in cam and non-camps and distributing more than 4000 brochures specialized for the program services and visited also number of civil society organizations and government bodies in order to introduce our program and refer the cases within the project. Currently, the number of direct and indirect beneficiaries increasing and requested other organizations and government bodies if they know IDPs need above services to refer it to us". The program has an office in Erbil and Sulimanya, and you could visit offices and benefit from services through following phone numbers specialized for this program: Erbil: 07512427692 Sulimanya: 07724407970 Kalar: 07724407971 Dyala(Xanqeen): 07724407972